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Welcome to #RomanceReadingMonth

Francesca is looking forward to the publication of the first Beach Hotel novel during both #RomanceReadingMonth and the #RespectRomFic campaign.

As a romance writer, I belong to the Romantic Novelists Association (RNA), which is currently heavily involved in #RomanceReadingMonth, and in the #RespectRomFic campaign.

It's a sad truth that the romance market never gets the respect that other fiction genres are given, such as crime, historical and literary. It's almost certainly down to it being considered a 'woman's' genre, even though a lot of men do read them too. Sad, isn't it?

The fact is, it's the second biggest selling genre in books! That's just counting the ones that are placed in the romance category. If you take other books that have romance in them, but have been placed under other categories, then it would be the biggest selling genre. And of course, most 'romance' books aren't only about love, they also come under other categories such as historical, saga, crime, mystery, comedy, YA, action, scifi, fantasy… etc!

If you're on Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok or Facebook, you're likely to see these two hashtags and the image at the top. Do feel free to like and share these tweet/posts, and let's see if we can get romance books the respect they deserve.

The RNA had a FREE mini virtual lit fest on YouTube on Valentine's Day, with panels of romance writers and also publishers talking about different aspects of romance and the publishing industry. Most of them are available for anyone to watch, so if you fancy a listen, here are the links:

I'm really delighted that A New Start at the Beach Hotel is being released in #RomanceReadingMonth, and I really hope that readers enjoy the romance between my main character, Edie, and the man she falls in love with. Of course, it's never plain sailing, but then that would be a bit boring in a story, wouldn't it? Apart from being a romance, it also comes under saga and historical. As much work went into the research of it as any other historical novel. And knowing a lot of saga/historical writers as I do, I know they'd all say the same!

Happy reading in #RomanceReadingMonth!

Published by Hera Books / Canelo

Available to pre-order now:

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